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2001 Mr. DIRT Champion
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Dirt Track Racing in the Big Leagues

I've never seen a live race on a dirt track, and I've seen precious few on TV, but I know one thing for sure. The DIRT Modifieds and 358 Modifieds put on as good a show as you would see anywhere, in any class of racing.

Brett Hearn, 'Barefoot' Bob McCreadie, Danny Johnson, Doug Hoffman and Kenny Tremont among others have become household names in racing circles even though they race almost exclusively in the North East and rarely receive television coverage.

Their exploits, and the stories  from 25 plus years racing at tracks such as Fonda NY, Flemington NJ and Lebanon Valley are the stuff of legend.

One race on my "must see at least once" list is the Syracuse 300 at the New York State Fairgrounds.

Barefoot Bob McCreadie

DIRT Modified Specs

Modified 358 Modified
Engine Size 467ci Max 358ci Max
Avg. HP 750 550
Carburetion 4 bbl. American made
4 venturi max.
4 bbl. 650cfm Holley only
Ignition Magneto or electronic
ignition box
Magneto or electronic
ignition box
Pistons Aluminum only 3 ring flat top Aluminum only
Transmission 2 - speed, high - gear
direct drive
2 - speed, high - gear
direct drive
Weight 2550 lbs. Ported-2650 lbs.
Non-ported-2450 lbs.
Wheels Aluminum only Aluminum only


World of Outlaws - Picture this. A bunch of guys got together in a dirt field about 80 years ago and had a race. After the race,World of Outlaws one of them got an idea that would make his car faster. The next week he showed up with his 'altered' car and kicked butt. The next week everyone's car had that and a new guy came up with a speed secret .... and on and on it goes - unchecked - for decades.

To me, that is the definition of the World of Outlaws sprint cars. There is no more pure form of in your face, cut the crap, get the lead out, run what ya brung motorsports in all the world.

1100 lbs soaking wet and about that in horsepower these alky burning, winged cars toured Bristol Motor Speedway in the mid 14's.

Steve Kinser virtually owned this series for most of two decades, losing the championship only 2 times in 17 years. Sammy Swindell won it the other two. Danny Lasoski and Mark Kinser are the only other winners since the series began.

Must see? The Knoxville Nationals - every single lap

WoO car specs

maximum of 410 cubic inches

Fuel system: fuel injection
Horsepower: 750-815
Compression ratio: 13-17:1
RPM: 8000-8200
Speed: up to 150 m.p.h.
Powertrain: in/out direct drive with quick-change rear end
Fuel: methanol
Wheelbase: 86-88 inches
Width: 77 inches
Weight: 1,150-1,250 pounds
Chassis: light chrome-moly frame
Suspension: mostly torsion bar, some coil-over
Right rear tire: 103-106 inches in circumference
Wheels: chrome
Steering system: power steering