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Caster - Camber - Loose in - Tight off - Body roll - Chassis stiffness - Gear ratios - Scuffs - Stickers .... talk the talk even if you can't walk the walk. Everything about radio controlled race cars follows the physics of the real thing and the best thing is you don't need a HANS device or a Big Bucks Sponsor.

Radio Controlled cars - Fill your need for speed on a budget

How bad have YOU got it?

Back row in Red and White is the Aston Martin driven by 2005 RROL Rookie of the Year Richard to a top 10 points finish in 10'th Scale 19 Turn Electric . 

The Blue and White Dodge Stratus is driven by team founder and patriarch Bart, winner of the 2005 Most Improved Driver title at RROL. Bart also took 5'th place in RROL Points and 2'nd place in the London Hamilton 19T Electric Touring Car InterSeries, collecting two Main event trophies during the season and finishing the season with a string of 7 A Main appearances and 2 B Main wins in the last 9 events. 

The matching NTech XRay M18 Corvettes are immaculately prepared and will be racing every Tuesday night this winter in the Byron RC Micro Series where Bart was the top finishing Rookie last fall, finishing the points in 3'rd place. Richard swaps colours and takes on the light blue stripes while the newest Team NTech driver, Tori, will pilot the Red and White NTech Corvette in her first full season of racing. Bart's car will again wear the distinct NTech Blue stripes.  

The 10'th Scale Touring Cars will make select appearances at trophy races in Sarnia, Kingsville and Oakville throughout the winter months.

Past Images

XRay T1 FK

The completely rebuilt NTech Racing XRay T1 FK04 hit the track for the 401 Touring Car Challenge on July 9 & 10 with a new sleeker Nemesis body, a brand new Fantom epic based motor and some kick-ass 1.194 matched packs by Orion.

XRay T1FK 04

No screw was left unturned in the rebuild as I switched to the thinner pavement chassis. The car has aluminum steering arms and c-hubs, a one way diff in the front and a spring steel adjustable ball diff in the rear. An increasa in pinion size and a dramatic drop in the spur gear in combination with the new higher revving motor will have the car hitting 40+ mph on the long back straight at RROL. Thanks to Peter at Amazing Hobbies and Dennis from Retech for all the help and advice.

10'th Scale XRay T1 FK04

XRay T1 FK04

The XRay T1 Factory Kit is a championship winning Touring Car at RC Tracks all over the world. The car is plenty quick enough for a beginner like me. I have yet to race it at more than 70% throttle because when these cars hit, it costs money! I have managed to win a qualifier and a C Main, but mostly I'm concentrating on keeping consistent lines that do not intersect the wall.

These 10'th Scale Touring Cars are pretty serious race cars with virtually every suspension piece mirroring that of a real car. You can set caster, camber, ride height, shock stiffness, spring height and weight. There are myriad aftermarket pieces made of aluminum, spring steel, graphite and carbon fibre. The FK's have most of these hop up items built in.

XRay M18 Corvette sponsored by NTech

1/8 scale Micro RC

The car pictured here is the first NTech Corvette; a 1/18 scale XRay M18 Micro Racer that is a great entry level car since the size tends to keep the costs down to an affordable level. The cars are fast enough to get your kicks but are made of all the same composites, plastics and graphite as the 1/10 and 1/12 scale stuff and so they are incredibly durable.

With a competitive car going for less than half what it costs to get into 1/10'th and 1/18'th scale cars this is a fast growing class.

The cars are very adjustable with the amount of new products coming out. There are gears, spring kits of varying stiffness, front and rear anti-roll bars and various tire compounds that you can run. Tires are also available in rubber or foam. A brand new stock motor is worth about $15.00.

Wear and tear is not a huge issue. On a smaller track a set of foam tires could easily last for 5 or 6 events. A full set will run around $25.00 or less. Larger tracks, with the higher speeds can chew them up in a single night though. Some tracks allow traction compound which really enhances grip but is very hard on wear. Even if you are not using it yourself there will be enough laid down in the groove to affect your tires.

Car specs

- XRay M18 Chassis
- 150 mm wheelbase
- Stock motor
- XRay micro steel gear    servo
- XRay micro ESC
- JR RS2 Radio and receiver
- Graphite Chassis
- Composite Rear Wing

RC cars london ontario Radio controlled cars london ontario
- Carbon Fibre top plate
- Aluminum Half Shafts
- Carbon Fibre Drive Shaft
- Quantum Micro ESC
- Novak Micro Receiver

Byron RC Racing is a temporary track currently running out of the Byron Legion hall and operated by Hobby Junction, a local hobby shop.

The Byron track is laid out in an area about 24'x40' allowing for lanes that are about 4'ft wide and straight-aways long enough to wind these things out pretty good.

 The wide lanes tend to be more forgiving for the beginner, allowing you to get out of the way of the faster cars but once you start knocking off better lap times the groove itself is pretty tight. Timing and scoring is via the AMB system and posted on the Byron RC Racing site.

The track will rent cars and transponders for beginners to try their hand and see if they like it. Try it once and you will be hooked.


2004 Long Track Car

2004 Short Track Car


At first I thought - hey, that looks like a lot of fun. Then I learned that you could get a Dakota R/T body for one of these things and I owned one within the hour. Unfortunately though, while the truck looked great it was simply not slippery enough through the air to run or handle as well as the cars. With bodies as low as $15.00 a pop however this was not a tough problem to solve. After placing 5'th in the A Main in my first full night of racing I bought the sleeker Corvette body pictured above and the fun has now begun. Upgrades are a weekly thing now but I'm having a blast.

Dodge Dakota R/T radio controlled truck
Local RC Discussion board: londonrc.com


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Check out RROL - Remote Racers of London is an outdoor club for 10'th Scale Electric and Nitro Touring Cars. NTech Racing has recently joined this series and has also assumed responsibility for updates to the RROL Website.